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In Genesis Chapter 22, God saved Isaac, Abraham’s son, by  providing an animal to sacrifice in Isacc’s place.  By trusting God and accepting his divine provenance, Abraham enabled a sequence of events that would eventually bring Jesus and his saving grace to the world.  

Mount Moriah was where this happened. The Mount Moriah Foundation is built on the premise that God will provide and that our work will be fruitful. 


Juliet Hammond, BIO

Mount Moriah Foundation CEO

My name is Apostle Dr. Juliet Hammond, Founder, and CEO of Mount Moriah Organization (MMO). I am a Minister of the Gospel, Speaker, Author, Radio presenter, Conference organizer, and Health Advocate.

MMO is an umbrella that contains online Mount Moriah Radio and Mount Moriah Television broadcasts, Mount Moriah Foundation, and Mount Moriah Conferences.

My background is in Nursing, and Teaching Higher Education. I have worked within the National Health Service in England, and various private sectors. I have particularly worked as a Theatre Practitioner, Clinical Adviser, and Continuous Healthcare Practitioner in various capacities.  From my healthcare background and experiences, I became a health advocate.

My Postgraduate degree research focused on Menopause exploration and experience among women of colour. I have published articles in Healthcare Journals and have spoken and presented on many platforms.

I am a woman of Faith who has worked in many ministerial capacities. I have an online Church Service and minister on other Christian platforms. 

As a Radio presenter, I use my radio shows to interview significant men and women who had or still doing remarkable things to impact the world. My platforms are used to promote artists, actors, writers, entrepreneurs, business owners, socialites, etc.

I am the author of 3 books and am in the process of completing the 4th book.  I have received many awards. To mention just a few, I have received the Outstanding woman of the year award, Mary Seacole Development award, WAW Hall of Fame award, Ambassador to UN, and recently have been awarded Best Radio Presenter of the year award, and a Leadership award.

Mount Moriah Awards: This year, my team and I are organizing Mount Moriah Awards for the first time. We are using this great opportunity to recognize men and women who are doing great things in various capacities.

Mount Moriah Foundation

Mount Moriah Foundation is designed to efficiently and effectively manage donations and channel expertise and resources to people in need. The `foundation is responsible for direction and management of the business. 

Our Partners

Our partners span education, media, charities, and publishing. We jointly promote activities,  provide expertise, and help in the planning and delivery of initiatives. 

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